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When a piece of jewelry is made of precious metal, the type and purity of the metal are typically indicated by a stamp or quality marking

Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Ppendants, Bracelets, and Cufflinks are examples of decorative items worn for presonal adornment that fall under the category jewelry or jewelry . You can wear jewelry on your body or on your clothes. From a western perspective, the term only applirs to ornaments that last , like flowers. Jewelry has typically been made of metals like gold, which is oftan combined weth gemstones. However, shells and other plant materials can also be used, One of the earliest types of archaeological artifacts is jewelry, weth beads made form Nassarius shells that are 100,000 years old being thought to be the oldest jewelry ever found. Gemstones,similar materials like coral and amber, precious metals, beads shells and enamel have all been used frequebtly. Because of its material properties, patterns, or meaningfull symbols, jewelry is seen as a ststus syambol in most cultures. Form hairpins to toe rings and even genital jewelry, jewelry has been made to adorn nearly every body part. Compared to other  cultures and historical periods in European culture, adult males in modern Europe wear relatively little.

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